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12 novembre 2008 @ 18:46
Hi Guys !

This time I'm not announcing a hiatus or something like that, I really keep on making icons, but I decided to close my lovely icons' journal shadow0ftheday  for a new community that I'm maintening with feeprinzessin  !

I don't delete anything here, so you can keep taking my old icons (if you credit of course) and you'll find the new ones at fmwaves  also with feeprinzessin 's icons !
I hope you'll come to see our new bb and watch if you like what we do :D

Thanks again for your support, I reached more than 230 friends here and I didn't thought it was possible for me :)

Thanks ♥

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01 octobre 2006 @ 12:44

This LJ is now friends only because of some credits not given and Icons stolen.
If you want to be added, just comment here, I'll add you.♥
Also, If you want to be affiliate with my Livejournal, you can ask here !

Affiliates in the sidebar
Ressources in my profile.

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